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Is your venue post
COVID-19 ready?

We’re helping businesses like yours get covid-secure.

A safe, effective addition to your post COVID strategy.

TapTable aims to reduce the risk of dining out by minimising face to face interaction between diners and waiting staff. Ordinarily waiters interact with every table and therefore pose a transmission risk to diners and other staff. By offering an order at the table solution you can reduce the risk to your customers and staff.

How TapTable can help your business post COVID-19

Attract more customers

Many diners are worried about COVID-19 and the risk to themselves and their family. Being a COVID-secure venue will help you draw more customers in and give confidence to at-risk groups.

Avoid cash payments

Due to the nature of COVID-19 handling cash is an unnecessary risk for your customers and staff. With TapTable your customers can pay digitally by ApplePay, GPay or card.

Reduce risk

By avoiding physical menus, cash payments and face to face contact, you can be confident that you've put yourself in the best position to avoid contamination.

Avoid disposable menu costs

Avoid the cost of printing disposable menus for each new customer that dines in your restaurant (current UK government guidance)

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